Tennis Yukon is a non-profit society providing year-round programming to develop and promote tennis for all ages and abilities. Tennis is an activity with documented physical and social benefits that may be enjoyed throughout a lifetime, a true “sport for life.” In Whitehorse for example, we have players ranging from 3-75. Tennis Yukon delivers group and individual lessons to all ages and abilities with Tennis Canada certified instructors.

Accessible and available

Participation or membership is available to everyone in the community. Tennis Yukon manages the Mt Mac courts with a season pass system available to everyone, including price discounts for seniors, students, juniors, and families.

With the possibility of improving access to the courts at the north gate, it is hoped to provide programming for limited mobility/wheelchair players.

For several years Tennis Yukon hosted multi-sport day camps in the summers. In addition, Tennis Yukon provides school programming, reaching hundreds of students. Tennis Yukon has delivered programs at Holy Family, Christ the King, Whitehorse Elementary, Jack Hulland, Elijah Smith, and Ecole Emilie Tremblay. We have provided equipment for programs at FH Collins Secondary School and Mercier Secondaire, and for programs at the Mt Mac courts for FH, École Émilie Tremblay and Porter Creek Secondary School.

Tennis Yukon is committed to community partnerships and activities that increase the accessibility of tennis to everyone. Tennis Yukon is pleased to have partnered with the City of Whitehorse, Skookum Jim Friendship Centre, Bethany Church, Mt. Lorne Community Association, Mayo, Girl Guides, Mountain View Golf Course, Yukon Soccer Association, Boréale Mountain Biking, and the Marsh Lake Community Centre to introduce tennis to hundreds of kids.

The only tennis facility in Whitehorse

The Mt Mac courts are the only tennis courts in Whitehorse. There are 4 courts and two backboards. From Sept – April, tennis programming is provided in school gyms and the CGC flexihall. There is no private tennis facility or organization in the Yukon.

Management of the Mt Mac Courts

The City of Whitehorse owns the Mt Mac courts. When they were built in 2000, there was never a dedicated budget for the maintenance of the Mt Mac courts. What little maintenance that occurred was through volunteer efforts. In 2011, Tennis Yukon assumed management of the courts to obtain funding for re-surfacing. As manager of the Mt Mac courts, Tennis Yukon is committed to responsibly taking care of them to keep them in good condition. To this end, Tennis Yukon employs a user contribution system. Proceeds from season passes and drop-in fees go to care and maintenance of the Mt Mac courts, including an annual savings target of $3000/year towards a nest egg for future re-surfacing and major repairs. This target amount is in line with industry standards of $750/court/year. This player-supported contribution system was decided upon after researching other outdoor facilities across Canada and several public meetings. The objective is to maintain this important recreational asset so it is available for years to come for the community. Season pass revenue also goes towards windscreens and nets and accessories such as brooms and squeegees for the courts. Tennis Yukon has maintained the season pass price at the same level for several years and strives to keep the pass price reasonable. For example for an adult the cost is $85. With 4-5 months of play and unlimited court use, that works out to about $20/month. For seniors and students and juniors, the cost is 1/2.

2023 Mt Mac court season pass statistics and survey results

The Mt Mac courts were resurfaced in 2022, financed by season pass revenues ($30K), YTG Community Development Fund ($37K), and Lotteries ($5K).


Tennis Yukon hosts an annual challenge tournament with Juneau in the summer. The Capital Cup was re-started in 2008 and has run every year since (until canceled in 2020 for COVID-19). This usually brings 20-30 Juneau residents to Whitehorse for a weekend of tennis and socializing. In 2023, the tournament is expanding to include NWT and Northern BC! See tournament page for Northern Cup details.

In addition, Tennis Yukon hosts a territorial championship annually. This has several divisions, adult and junior, and usually has about 40 participants.

Non-profit society run by volunteers

Tennis Yukon is a non-profit society with a volunteer board. Care and maintenance of the Mt Mac courts, including crack repair, windscreens, and nets are all done on a volunteer basis. Only the coaches are paid.

Policies and Plans and Governing Documents: